Merchento are the proud manufacturers and suppliers of Vespex® ‒ a significant advance in wasp control. Our product range is set to increase, with some exciting new and innovative product developments underway, so make sure to check back from time-to-time.

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Nelson Anniversary & Waitangi Day Holidays 2017

Merchento will be closed on Monday 30 January and Monday 6 February. This means that shipments of Vespex® to the North Island will only happen on Tuesdays for those 2 weeks.



Recent changes to shipping regulations regarding all material classed as dangerous goods means it has become increasingly difficult to ship Vespex® to the North Island. We can no longer use standard courier services to get parcels of Vespex® across the Cook Strait as it cannot go by air and cannot travel on any vehicle ferries that carry passengers. This typically adds at least 24 hours to delivery times. In addition to this, we have begun to experience issues with some Courier Post drivers refusing to carry items classed as dangerous goods (DGs) to rural addresses, but we are unable to determine in advance which rural addresses might be affected. Even if a rural delivery service will take DGs, it will add an additional 24-48 hours to delivery times. The combined effect of this situation is that we can no longer support delivery of Vespex® to any North Island address classed as rural by our courier service provider. If you know your home address is likely to be rural, please provide an alternative delivery address in town (e.g. a relative's house or a store you have a working relationship with). Alternatively, please contact us and we will provide the address of your nearest Fastway agent.  So far, South Island rural addresses are unaffected by these changes.


2016 End-of-Year Holiday Dates

Our last day of operation this year is Friday 23rd December. We will be open again on January 4th. Please note that the next shipments  of Vespex® to the North Island will not leave our Nelson factory until Monday 9th. The Merchento team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wasp-free New Year!


20 Dec 2016: Wasp Wipeout Launched

Today sees the official launch of Wasp Wipeout, a great initiative being organised by the staff of Nelson Mail that will utilise community participation to significantly reduce wasp numbers at key recreation sites through the top of the South Island. This is a great model for community-led wasp control in New Zealand. There is a lot of good information on their website, so check it out.


12 Dec 2016: Price changes for Vespex®

Unfortunately, the last few months has presented us with a series of significant price rises associated with the manufacturing and packaging of Vespex®. While we have tried to absorb these as much as we can, it has necessitated a small price rise for both the 1.5 kg pail  (now $168 excl. GST) and 600 g pot (now $89 excl. GST).  There have also been increases in courier charges and changes to regulations around the transportation of hazardous goods in New Zealand, which means there will also be some increases in the costs of delivery. We are currently reviewing our distribution system for Vespex® to try to reduce the costs and improve efficiency.


29 Sep 2016:  New design of WasptekTM Bait Stations Available

The new design of WasptekTM bait stations are now available. These are still transported flat-packed, but are even more compact and easier to assemble. The new stations are made from tough polypropylene with added UV stabilisation for extended field life. The changes to design and manufacturing methods have enabled us to improve on pricing yet still have them made in New Zealand. The new WasptekTM is available in 2 colours: easy-to-find yellow or semi-transparent "natural", for use where reduced visual impact is a priority.




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