The ability of Merchento to manufacture and supply Vespex® is contingent on meeting good stewardship standards, which includes ensuring that people who use the product are fully aware of the correct methods of usage and understand their obligations.

 All wasp control operations using Vespex® must be conducted under the supervision of an approved user. Merchento maintains a register of approved users who are able to purchase Vespex® for themselves or their organisations, and are also able to manage wasp control projects that may involve people who are not approved users.


NOTE: Vespex® is only available to persons in New Zealand.


The process of registering to become an approved user has five stages.

  1. Knowledge gathering
  2. Assessment Test
  3. Register
  4. Payment of registration fee =  $58.00 + GST
  5. Receive your unique registration code


Read on to begin!

1. Knowledge gathering

  • Read the Vespex® FAQ page.
  • Go to the Information & Documents page and watch the DOC Skillable video at least twice (it is full of key information you will need for the test).
  • Download and read the Vespex® label.

Once you have fully absorbed the information in these resources, you are ready to move on to testing.

2. Assessment Test

The green "Take the Test" button on the left  will launch an online assessment test in a new window hosted on the Scorm Cloud service. You will be asked to enter your name and email address before starting. Please enter your email carefully, as this is the identifier that will link you to your testing results when you apply for registration. There is no time limit for the test, but allow 30 minutes for completion.  When completed, close any remaining tab to  return here.


ISSUE: Test appears frozen and won't let you move to the next question

A number of people have reported that the assessment test appears frozen at a particular question and does not let them move forward to the next question. This issue only affects the multi-answer questions (9, 19, 20, 21, 30 & 31).

SOLUTION: If this happens, it is because you have not selected and submitted ALL the correct answers that apply for the particular question it is stuck on. There is a small glitch in the programming that means the assessment test only tells you your answer is incorrect once and then just refuses to let you proceed (and looks unresponsive) until you select and submit the correct combination of answers. Leaving the test and returning later will take you to the same question and it will still appear frozen until you submit the correct combination of answers. If this happens to you, please review the video and read the FAQ page again to work out the correct combination of answers.


3. Apply for Registration

Once you have completed the test successfully, you can choose to be added to the register of approved users at any time by clicking on the green register button on the left. This will open a secure application form for you to fill in. Make sure that the email you enter in this form is the same as that you entered on the test, or your application may be rejected.

4. Payment of Registration Fee

As soon as your registration application is approved (usually within 1 working day), you will be sent a confirmation email with a tax invoice for $66.70 (incl. GST), with a range of payment options. There is no charge for failed registrations.

5. Receive a Unique Registration Code

When your payment is confirmed, you will be sent a unique registration code. Keep this code safe, as you will need to enter it when you wish to purchase Vespex®. The code is NOT required to order bait stations or any wasp baiting accessories.

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