Delivery Situation Update: 13 December 2021




What is the situation?

Due to unacceptable delays with delivery of perishable items, we were forced to temporarily suspend deliveries of Vespex to North Island addresses (the South Island was unaffected). We are happy to report that we will now be able to restart deliveries of Vespex to the North Island on January 10th. Non-perishable items can be shipped as per normal.


What are the issues?

The current courier delivery crisis in New Zealand was principally caused by the Covid-19 restrictions (especially in Auckland). There has been a massive increase in online shopping, while at the same time the courier companies have had to increase staff spacing in sorting areas. They have needed to employ and train large numbers of new staff and put them on split shifts to try and get through the backlog. Unfortunately, the backlog of parcels awaiting delivery was already enormous and has been further exacerbated by the normal Christmas surge of parcels. This situation has impacted ALL courier companies in New Zealand. To make matters worse for companies shipping from the South Island, such as us, the numbers of Cook Strait ferry crossing have greatly reduced due to both scheduled servicing, unexpected breakdowns, and industrial action.


Why is Vespex delivery affected in particular?

Packages containing Vespex are classed as dangerous goods for transportation purposes, and NZ transportation services will not typically send DG goods by air. This means all our North Island deliveries of Vespex have to go via a Cook Strait ferry, which adds a day or 2 to delivery times. Vespex is also perishable. Although it contains preservatives and can be thawed and refrozen, it can still "go off" if kept warm for an extended period. Think of it like bacon. We pack Vespex frozen in chilly bins with Thermogard gel packs, which is usually adequate protection. Under "normal" situations we can get Vespex orders to North Island urban addresses in 3-4 days, but allow up to 7 or 8 days for delivery when things go wrong. It will gradually thaw en route but is good to be used or refrozen on arrival.  Unfortunately, the current courier crisis situation has led to some delays of 8 days or more for the North Island, and especially those in Waikato, Auckland and Northland. These delays and any need to replace Vespex for our customers are entirely at our cost. In October we attempted to send out replacement Vespex only to see those also delayed, and requiring replacement a second time. This has quickly developed into a significant financial loss at a time when we were already facing a raft of increased costs, and was obviously unsustainable.





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