The ability of Merchento to manufacture and supply Vespex® is contingent on meeting good stewardship standards, which includes ensuring that people who use the product are fully aware of the correct methods of usage and understand their obligations.

 All wasp control operations using Vespex® must be conducted under the supervision of an approved user. Merchento maintains a register of approved users who are able to purchase Vespex® for themselves or their organisations, and are also able to manage wasp control projects that may involve people who are not approved users.


NOTE: Vespex® is only available to persons in New Zealand.


The process of registering to become an approved user has five stages.

  1. Knowledge gathering
  2. Take the Approved User Test
  3. Complete a registration form
  4. Payment of registration fee =  $58.00 + GST
  5. Receive your unique registration code


Read on to begin!

1. Knowledge gathering

  • Read the Vespex® FAQ page.
  • Go to the Information & Documents page and watch the DOC Skillable video (it is full of key information you will need for the test).
  • Download and read the Vespex® label.

Once you have absorbed the information in these resources, you are ready to move on to testing.

2. Vespex Approved User Test

The green "Take the Test" button on the left will launch an online assessment test in a new window. It has a total of 33 multi-choice and multi-answer questions. You will be asked to enter your name and email address before starting. Please enter your email carefully, as this is the identifier that will link you to your testing results after completing registration. There is no time limit, and you can retake the test immediately if you do not pass the first time (only your highest score is recorded). A pass score is 31, but you can immediately review your answers and see what questions you got wrong before retaking the test.


NOTE: The test procedure is not designed to prevent people from becoming an approved user, but simply to ensure all users of Vespex® understand how to use it and follow the stewardship rules.

3. Apply for Registration

Once you have completed the test successfully, you will get to a registration and payment form. The email you use for registration should be the same as the one you entered before starting the test.

4. Payment of Registration Fee

There is a one-off registration fee of $66.70 (incl. GST). At the end of the registration form you have the option of having a tax invoice emailed to you, or paying your registration by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only).

5. Receive a Unique Registration Code

Your registration will typically be completed within 1 business day of payment being reconciled and you will then be emailed your unique registration code. Keep this code safe, as you will need to enter it whenever you wish to purchase Vespex®. The code is NOT required to order bait stations or any wasp baiting accessories.

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