This is the 2018 updated version of the DOC Skillable video explaining all the phases in a wasp control programme using Vespex®, and includes the key stewardship requirements. You need to watch this video and read the product label before doing the approved user test. It is also a good idea to read our FAQ page.


Download and read  the Vespex® product label

Vespex label for download

Download the latest Vespex® Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Vespex SDS for download

What key information has changed since the 2015 version?

  • The recommended protein bait to use for activity testing has changed. Many catfoods contain ingredients that are not attractive to wasps, so it is best to avoid using catfood. The best thing to use is a plain raw protein such as fish off-cuts, chicken or rabbit meat.  Canned fish, especially salmon or tuna, can be used as long as they are labelled as being in "spring water" and not any sort of oil or brine.
  • There has been a revision to the recommended threshold for a positive wasp activity test, from 20 wasps in total in the first video, to 10 wasps in total in environments other than honeydew beech forest (which remains at 20).
  • There is increased emphasis on having the bait stations at a height of 1.5 m wherever it is practical to do so, and definitely in the presence of children and domestic animals. The minimum legal height remains at 70 cm.


While the active ingredient of Vespex® has low toxicity to mammals, please be aware that dogs are likely to find the meaty odour of Vespex® attractive and think it is good to eat, so make sure to keep your tub of bait away from the reach of dogs when thawing and transporting.

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